The "Buzz" for HA

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is the “Buzz“ word within skincare and aesthetics. It is the main active component in dermal fillers which is injected into the skin to actively draw water to provide a plumper, youthful look. Reduces wrinkles and is used to treat acne scarring.

However there is a difference with topical and injectable HA. Injections are cross linked meaning they breakdown more slowly when placed within the tissues. This provides structural support and has longer visible results. In addition no two dermal filler manufacturers are the same.

Let me elaborate further. Juvederm and Belotero integrate differently into the skin through research and studies Belotero has shown to reduce pain, bruising and retains its shape better than other fillers on the market.

Now what does all this have to do with skincare? When looking at how dermal fillers differentiate from product to product you understand that no two skincare with Hyaluronic Acid are the same either.

Topical Hyaluronic Acid doesn’t have the same cross linking so you will have to have continued use in order to have that plump and dewy glow...furthermore don’t expect deep set wrinkles to be diminished totally with topical Hyaluronic Acid this is where you will need injections. The topical HA (Hyaluronic Acid) will reduce the appearance of the deep set wrinkles though.

The other thing you should look at when buying Hyaluronic Acid serums is that it needs to be within the top tier of ingredients, the further down the ingredient is the less active component it is within the product. Always look out for “Sodium Hyaluronate” it is another name for Hyaluronic Acid. You may also see Hyaluron used too.

How To Best Use HA

1. After cleansing allow skin to air dry

2. Dampen skin or use a floral water mist/toner

3. Apply HA serum by having the skin damp it allows for the molecules to retain water in the area.

4. Apply moisturiser

5. Apply sunscreen

How To Achieve Even Skin Tone With Glow (AM


1. Cleanse with The Grounded Body Moisture Boost Clay Facial Cleanser

2. Tone (either toner or floral mist) with the Grounded Rose Water Toner

3. Apply vitamin c serum by Grounded Body

4. Apply HA serum by Grounded Body

5. Apply moisturiser by AA Skincare

6. Apply sunscreen by Dermaceutics

How To Achieve Even Skin Tone (PM Routine)

  1. Always cleanse the skin with the Grounded Body Moisture Boost Clay Facial Cleanser

  2. Apply toner using Grounded Body Rose Water Toner

  3. Apply retinol I recommend a good one by Grounded Body Egyptian Gold Retinol

4. Sleep

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