Why I Decided To Go Into Life Coaching?

I have been where many of us have been! Stuck and wondering what to do with my life. I wanted to still help people but more on a level of unlocking people's potential. I have always believed in the power of thought and when you think about it we are all vibrational beings and life coaching helps to realign our energies to focus on objectives in order to make changes.

We are our own worst critics and these thoughts hinder our progress in life. A lot of people may say "But why go to a life coach when I can do things myself?" If you are stuck and not sure which route to go then going to a life coach helps to unlock those confusing thoughts and help set easy to follow objectives in order to progress in life.

As a professional who understands how life coaching works it's about digging deep and find the answers to questions. When I was diagnose with epilepsy late in life it caused me to worry and question a lot of things in my life. I went into a little spiral of negative thinking and just living day by day and not truly living.

Eventually I realised that something needed to change and I myself tried life coaching on myself and it helped me to put objectives, goals and ambitions into action. I came out of this rut; this is what led me to life coaching! I wanted to help others understand that we have the answers to how we want life to be for ourselves.

Let me ask this: Do you feel stuck? Lost? Wanting to change careers or progress in your career? Having money issues? How have you handled these situations? If you are unable to find solutions yourself then why not give a life coach a try?

I am currently offering 2 sessions for £100 to see if life coaching in for you! RRP £60 per session and these are remote so you can be in your own environment and not have to travel to my clinic.

If you have further questions feel free to message me.

Bright Blessings



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